The first thing you'll notice upon meeting Brad Alan Dennison, singer and primary songwriter for Jack Butlers Jones, the Chicago based modern blues band, is the "four-forty" tattooed across the front of his neck. The standard tuning for musicians is 440. It's known as 'concert pitch', and for Brad, it is also a lifestyle. "You gotta get in tune",  he'll tell you.

Jack Butlers Jones: the name itself sounds like an old, dusty blues man or
a bloke from 'across the pond' creating Brit blues by trying to absorb every morsel of American blues music that floats or flies it's way to him.
Jack Butlers Jones is a powerful combination of contemporary lyrics and arrangements with the raw, dangerous, but comforting feel of old Chicago blues.

"Our goal is to play our music and hopefully, inject a bit of freshness into a scene that may have lost a little over the years." Brad offers. "Oh, we can play the classics. We are also very excited to get our original songs out there."

Like the proverbial blues train chuggin', Jack Butlers Jones is coming.  All aboard!

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